Motherhood Sucks

I can honestly say that I have felt this way for a LONG time: motherhood sucks. Even when my own mother was doing it…I never wanted her job. I never coveted motherhood. Sure, I played with dolls. Because, the coolest girl on my highway (not in my neighborhood, not in my complex, not in my projects…on my HIGHWAY) LOVED babies and she LOVED baby dolls. So, I did what I had to do. It beat what was going on at my place, which was coon and squirrel hunting, and a whole lot of fighting.

That was my first introduction to what it would be like as a mother. Kristie had it DOWN. She had special areas for her dolls, special beds, special toys, and special blankets. It seemed like a LOT of trouble then, and it does to this day.

I am the parent of a three-year old. I could have added various inflammatory adjectives; I am well versed. But, you expect that from a mother. I could have cited proud, amazed, blessed, and grateful. But, what I really feel is ashamed, bewildered, unacknowledged, and ungrateful.

Why? I can give you all sorts of socio-economic/psychological answers. But, the truth is: MOTHERHOOD SUCKS. It just DOES. And anyone who tells you it doesn’t either has a hell of a lot of help, they have always wanted to parent, or they are in denial.

One thought on “Motherhood Sucks

  1. Your honestly is refreshing…as a mother of three adult boys, who I love and adore, I can still say yes It really sucks at times!

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